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Cloud Soft cushioned padded toilet seats
Cloud Soft Seats Manufacturing, Inc.
formerly World Wide Mfg. Co.
Handcrafted in Florida, USA since 1969

Email Contact: CloudSoftSeats@gmail.com


Cloud Soft Toilet Seats

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We Just Moved, Thank You for Your Patience.
E-mail Contact: CloudSoftSeats@gmail.com
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Mail Orders & Inquiries:
P.O. Box 65532, Orange Park, FL 32065 USA

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Cloud Soft Seats Mfg, Inc.*

Factory Update 2018:

Hand Upholstered Padded Toilet Seats:
12+ Weeks Production Time.

We appreciate your patience.
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Hand Made in America Since 1969

Our family owned and operated manufacturing facility is home to the Cloud Soft padded toilet seat brand. We began production of our Cloud Soft seats in Miami, Florida in 1969 as World Wide Mfg, Co. In addition to our own products, we also carry Sumner 210 and Jet Fresh Cleaners.

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Email: CloudSoftSeats@gmail.com
Cloud Soft Seats Mfg, Inc. (since 1969)
P.O. Box 65532 | Orange Park, Florida 32065 U.S.A.

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