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Residual water can become a concern if not cleaned out of your Jetted Bathtub Pipes. Because the average consumer does not think about this issue, Jet Fresh can solve these problems. Water that is stuck in jetted tub pipes can contain exfoliated skin, hair, body oils, soap residues, and hard water deposits that create a bacteria build-up. If this is not cleaned regularly, it can cause blockage in pipes.

If you want to keep your jetted bathtub pipes clean, Jet Fresh is an Easy and Safe way to clean them.
This Jet Fresh formula deep cleans pipes where bacteria begins, yet no disassembly of pipes is required. Simply pour 2 oz. of Jet FreshTM into the tub filled with water. Run the jet system for 15 seconds and let solution set in tub for 15 minutes. This time allows the solution to work into the piping system. Simply drain the tub and enjoy clean bathing! Leaves your tub smelling Clean and Fresh!

Have any questions about Jet Fresh? Please contact us today. We will be able to answer any questions you may have!

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